Earn Up To 11.7% APY

Annually, Paid Monthly

in collaboration with

Earn with the Best

When it comes to your assets, we believe transparency and risk mitigation are paramount. Ledn has teamed up with Genesis, the largest and most established lender in the digital asset space, as the primary borrower for its BTC and USDC Savings Accounts.

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Keep it simple

No minimum balance and no locked-in
term. Start earning interest right away
and withdraw when you need to.

Protect your Savings

USDC is pegged 1:1 to the U.S. dollar.
Benefit from stability while earning an
interest rate that far surpasses many
other options in the market.

Grow at up to 10% APY

Compound interest means your savings
can grow exponentially. Interest
accrues daily and is paid and
compounded monthly.


Adam O'Brien,
Founder & CEO, 
“Access to capital is always a struggle when growing any business, especially in unconventional markets such as the BTC space. We are able to hedge our inventory and purchase hardware at a faster rate and in turn grow faster, thanks to Ledn.” 
Mario Gibney ,
Customer Support Lead Blockstream
"I want to earn interest on some of the coins I'm not using. I've also been expecting for a year or two that more lending/interest services should be arising on btc soon, so it made sense when i encountered Ledn. I like the fact that it's Canadian as well (the only other service I would trust offering interest accounts is american, and i prefer to keep things at home if  possible)."
Thibaud Marechal,
VP of Growth, 
“Ledn is an acceptable security trade-off (trusted custodial service) to get leverage on long-
term btc holdings, making it extremely simple to go long 2x.”
Francis Pouliot ,
“Today I paid back the first btc-backed loan I took out with @hodlwithLedn exactly 1 year
ago. Overall a fantastic experience and service. This company truly does care about their customers. Very, very happy I chose not to sell at that time.
Recommended, Thumbs up”
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